1 APIs

After the server is started, the API interface will be exposed for the front-end call. Developers can develop front-end interfaces for MatrixAuth based on these interfaces.

Interfaces can be divided into two types according to the different personnel of interface services:

  • Interface for system administrator: for system administrator to set business application, data source and cache. To call related interfaces, you need to provide the ‘admintoken’ set when MatrixAuthserver starts in the parameters to verify the system administrator identity.
  • Business application administrator’s interface: for business application administrators to set users, roles, and permissions for business applications, and to perform associated operations between user role and role permission. When invoking the relevant interface, you need to provide the ‘apptoken’ set when accessing the business application in the parameters to verify the identity of the business application administrator.

Based on these APIs, developers can easily integrate MatrixAuth into their own systems by developing front-end pages.

Next we will introduce one by one.

MatrixAuth-High performance lightweight distributed permission system.