High performance

The high performance of the system is guaranteed by means of shunting, caching and anti normal form design. It can support hundreds of business applications at the same time, with 100000 authorization operations per second for each application.

Easy to use

The server can start the jar package directly. The client can introduce dependency through maven, and the configuration is simple. The authority configuration is based on annotation.


Permission verification cannot be crossed. No single point of failure, multi-level storage of permission information, and independent restart of cache and database.

Flexible control level

It supports full hosting, semi hosting and full autonomous control of business application rights. Adapt to many business scenarios.


Support the access of multiple tenants.
tenants can manage business applications independently, which is safe and reliable.

Multiple data sources

Each business application can configure data sources independently, and each data source is isolated from each other. Realize data isolation and performance isolation.

Learn more about architecture and implementation details ?

Matrixauth is an open source project and hosts the source code on GitHub. You can visit the project home page to learn more about the project.

MatrixAuth | GitHub


The project is designed and developed by developer Yee

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